David Schewn

David Schwen is a clever chap.  I first fell in love with his work after discovering his instagram feed.  The Minneapolis based designer, art & creative director is the brains behind the popular “pantone pairing” series (#pantonepairings).  He has cleverly taken classic food pairings, and shaped them into pantone color swatches.






Affordable Web Design for Small Business

There has been research to  suggest that about half of all small businesses do not have a website. These businesses are missing out on a vast amount of  opportunity to create new business

A clearly designed and effective website is a shop front for every small business. It gives the impression of professionalism and provides reassurance that the business is ethical and honest. The business email alone suggests a proper business.

The small business website is an easy way to have more customers. So many people nowadays use the internet whenever they want anything, whether it be a product or a service. In the difficult financial times we are experiencing it is difficult to understand why small businesses want to miss out on so many potential customers.

It is hard to know why so many small businesses still do not have a website. Perhaps they are scared by the perceived problems in setting up a website, arranging hosting and managing the project.

Assuming this is right any owner of a small business needs to look at this offering from Whistler Web Shop. They are canadian based but can work for businesses all over the world. Their speciality is affordable web design. The premise offered by the company is simple:

They will design completely free of charge a website for your business. Things are made really easy with a simple and helpful creative brief so you can order your website to specification.  Once happy with the web site design, Whistler Web Shop ask for a 50% deposit, builds the website, uploads it to the internet and sets up your emails.

No charge is made by the company until the site has been set up for 2 weeks. There then follows a low annual cost to maintain the site. There is no paperwork to worry about and you just pay for the site as long as you want it.

Affordable web design for small businesses is now easier than ever